Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Podcast Up - St. John Cassian: Life, Times and Writings

The Journey Begins . . .

Merton's Lectures On Cassian's Conference One

This excerpt is taken from Merton's Cassian and the Fathers which contains Merton's insights on
patristic and monastic figures preceding the time of St. Benedict, above all John Cassian, the most significant bridge between the early desert fathers and the monastic life of the West.  They also reveal the continuing relevance of Cassian's teachings for contemporary Christians living in the world.

Merton's Lecture on Conference One

Merton's Notes on Cassian's Conferences

The following attachment is a review of Cassian from Thomas Merton's notes in a work called Pre-Benedictine Monasticism - a compilation of Merton's conferences for novices.  These conferences offer keen observations of Cassian and the milieu in which he wrote.  I hope they are helpful.

Merton Review of Cassian