Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pushing the Mind into the Heart

. . . even though there are many good works, their value is only a partial good.  The prayer of the heart is the source of all good and is likened to gardens that are refreshed by water, so does this prayer of the heart refresh the soul . . . 

Blessed is the person who seriously meditates on the Writings of all the Spirit-filled Fathers and follows their teachings and examples.  Such a person is completely taken up with this prayer and is able to overcome always every kind of thought, not only an evil one, but also one that seemingly is a good one.  And in this manner, he attains perfect silence even in his thoughts, for the prayer is the peak and crown of all ascetical practices.  For Symeon the New Theologian teach that true silence and tranquility (hesychia) is to seek the Lord in the heart, that is, to push the mind into the heart consciously and to pray and be concerned only with this.

Nil Sorsky